Introducing Collecting Beats…

Welcome to my website! I am Maite. As a musician, artistic leader and trainer I focus on the philosophy of ‘creative collaborative music making’ as an approach for engagement with the arts and society. I have experience with a wide range of communities in different contexts. I see music as a powerful tool for social […]


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Music & Community work

Part of my work is in (post)-conflicted areas around the globe. I’ve worked (and partly still am working) with marginalised communities, refugees, teachers and musicians in Cuba, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Cuba, India and the Netherlands. Most recently I supported the development of creative music projects in Cuba, together with a local violinist (Mariana Hutchinson […]

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The Transformers

Whether it’s an ode to the river Maas, a call to be free from isolation or feeling like a traveling bird, The music of The Transformers is honest and gripping. The real experience of living on the street from some of the band members is transformed into music from the heart, resonating with a shared […]

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Training and coaching

I regularly train and coach professional musicians, (music or arts) teachers and initators of projects. I am their sounding board when it comes down to creative group processes, teamwork, clarifying their purpose, vision and values, and strengthening leadership or their own coaching skills. I work from principles that underpin creative collaborative processes, promoting curiosity, synergy, […]

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As part of the pilotphase of ‘the Monchy Academy’ I portraited 10 inspiring musicians who do socially engaged work in the Netherlands. Each episode is only 15 minutes, to hopefully inspire other young musicians. Listen here: (mostly Dutch) “Losgezongen“. (Dutch only) Onderwijsvernieuwer Suzan Lutke interviewde mij over wat ik doe, wat me drijft en de […]

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Studio Monchy

From 2020-2022 I was commissioned to create an innovative playground for music professionals, who want to explore and deepen their artistic leadership, social engagement and personal development. We explored ways to innovate the music educational field; to create new meanings for music in the currently rapid changing society. Unfortunately we were not able to continue […]

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