The Transformers

Whether it’s an ode to the river Maas, a call to be free from isolation or feeling like a traveling bird, The music of The Transformers is honest and gripping. The real experience of living on the street from some of the band members is transformed into music from the heart, resonating with a shared love for the city, the power to always get back up on your feet and the universal need to connect. 

The Transformers is a new pop band from Rotterdam that’s all about exchange. The different life experiences of the band members tell a wider story of the city of Rotterdam. These stories – of people with experiences of and with homelessness – are elevated by the skills of professional musicians. The music made can often tap into a deeper layer of meaning and urgency when combined with those stories and the playing of those who have experienced homelessness. Hence the name picked by founders Marije van Rijn and Hans Vermunt; The Transformers.

The Transformers aims to open up new dialogue, and to forge new connections between groups that would otherwise be separated. Our mission is to make everyone’s contribution feel valued. We want to create original, touching, engaging music that will make you want to laugh, cry, or dance.

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