Training and coaching

I regularly train and coach professional musicians, (music or arts) teachers and initators of projects. I am their sounding board when it comes down to creative group processes, teamwork, clarifying their purpose, vision and values, and strengthening leadership or their own coaching skills. I work from principles that underpin creative collaborative processes, promoting curiosity, synergy, ownership and reflection. From my background and experience in music education and previous acquired techniques in Transactional Analysis and Deep Democracy, we take a look at topics like group dynamics, behaviour, communication, impact and innovation. I support with concrete tools or interventions, creative ideas, and loads of curious questions. I always like to use movement and the surrounding space, to activate our body and senses, besides the thinking mind.

Current commissioners are a.o. Vocal Statements (, The Transformers, 4th year students from the Academy of Music Edcution in Tilburg (Fontys).


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